Our services


We have the latest tools available in the market and the most skilled and experienced engineers to make your project a success, both from the point of view of design, as the significant resource savings, thanks to the 3D mounting of the complete plant which minimizes unforeseen assemblies of different components, and each component of the plant is drawn and simulated 3D, so as to ensure that the various parts are really where they should be in the field, also allowing to different configurations and test simulation functionality crushing plant. This allows us to offer, for example, the complete design of crushing plants with the latest simulation technology, using programs such as AGGFLOW direct drawing or 3D CAD, engineering and other services also available.

Maintenance and repair

Our company has more than 60 years serving mining and other productive areas and has the staff and equipment needed to repair their equipment, offering not only all kinds of repairs and maintenance, but also changes of parts, manufacture of special parts and supply replacement parts. We can repair your cone crushers, jaw, roller, impact crushers, ball mills, vibratory screeners, conveyors, mobile crushing plants, among others. Salas is a guarantee of quality and service for crushing equipment.
Our facilities have everything you need to repair their equipment in the shortest possible time and with the ideal elements for it.

Reconditioning Equipment

Our company has the most extensive experience in the reconditioning of equipment, allowing 100% remanufacture teams with many years of use, leaving them as new and additional giving many years of use. For this we have a technical and professional team at the highest level, who are trained to evaluate and implement a complete ovelhaul of any equipment crushing, grinding and selection, providing for that I respuesto original and manufacture of custom parts.


We have a full arsenal that allows us to offer services including machining parts and components for all types of equipment.
Besides art page turning services, boring, planing, grinding, milling, welding, cutting, turning and stamping..

Land mounts

In addition to the manufacture of equipment and structures, our company has all the capabilities to perform every setting in the field, both of complete plants, as well as individual teams, for this we have crane trucks, vans and qualified and certified work injury, lifting field camps, security agents and approved work tool job.

Technical inspections

Among the many services that our company offers, we can highlight the following: metrology, field measurements, field reports, technical visits analyzed both teams, etc.